2015 SPX Pastoral Council

//2015 SPX Pastoral Council

2015 SPX Pastoral Council

Meet Your 2015 SPX Pastoral Council


Father Greg Goolsby,  Pastor

Father Greg Goolsby,



Fr. Greg Goolsby has commissioned a renewed Parish Pastoral Council, consistent with his plans to learn about the parish and make our St Pius X congregation an even stronger community of Catholics.


The role of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is to:

  • support the Pastor with advice, time, talent, and trust, to as to provide forward-looking leadership to the parish;
  • promote collaborative ministry through improved intra-parish communications;
  • be sensitive and responsive to the concerns of parishioners, in order to provide focus on the parish mission statement: to emulate our namesake St Pius X as we “Renew All Things in Christ.”

The organization of the PPC is designed to enhance communications to and from the pastor’s office to all members of the congregation. Fr. Greg has an open-door policy, and wants to hear opinions, concerns and suggestions (compliments are always welcome, too!)  He encourages parishioners to speak to him directly, via the suggestion box in the gathering area, through the website, by phone, or by Emailing him. Your PPC offers another option. Having a diverse 19 member council offers you more opportunities to be heard, and to hear from council members within many ministries.   “You’ll be able to find our Council members easily, as they will all be wearing name tags while at SPX,” said Fr. Greg.  “Be sure to say hello and let them know your thoughts as we move forward together.”

Kathryne Pusch, long time parishioner with contacts and experience throughout the parish, will serve as Pusch_Kathrynethe PPC Chairperson. She has been instrumental in building a strong and representative team of committed volunteers. “The new Council encourages parishioners to communicate with us about their concerns, ideas, and hopes for SPX Parish. We can make amazing things happen by working together with God’s blessings.”  Kathryne, who has the skill and drive to bring about positive change, plans to work with our Pastor, the PPC, and our entire parish community, to do just that.

All council members are actively involved in ministries throughout our parish and are eager to move forward in growing our parish into a thriving and active community of believers.  “I look forward to watching our parish grow, not only in numbers of people, but to see the entire community working kpusch_Blesedpopejohntogether toward common goals we can all support,” states newly appointed Grand Knight Ladd Rosipal.  “The council can go only so far, the body (the parish community) must be involved and offer support and ideas to the council in order for the council to be successful.”

The council members act as your liaison during the PPC meetings, (currently held monthly) while you pursue the many activities and commitments we all have.   In this forum, Fr. Greg hears many opinions and viewpoints, and the PPC offers advice and suggestions to assist Fr. Greg in his decision-making process. Upcoming projects and initiatives are discussed. Many sub-committee opportunities to work on project and events come out of these meetings, so please consider saying “yes” when asked. We all want to support our Pastor in balancing the many demands of leading a congregation, providing pastoral care and compassion to many individuals, and managing a parish. To be sure your voice is heard, talk with any council member, or Email the PPC at pastoralcouncil@spxconyers.com


The Pastoral Council page is found through the Ministries – Advisory Groups Menu at the top of all pages.



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