8/30/2015 A Note From Your Pastor

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8/30/2015 A Note From Your Pastor

Father Greg Goolsby, Pastor

Father Greg Goolsby, Pastor


Dear friends in Christ,
We have been a busy lot of folks this past week, and much more is just around the corner. Check out the photographs of our parish feast day ice cream social (last weekend) on the cover of this bulletin.




FrmPstr_LowGlutenI also wanted to let y’all know that we are now able to offer low gluten hosts to those people who have gluten intolerance issues. Approach any of the clergy before Mass to let them know of your need. We will then give you a pyx containing a low gluten host, which you can place on the altar (at any Mass). Approach the priest of that Mass to receive Consecrated Host. Thereafter, keep the pyx for your future use, and follow the plan above. At those subsequent liturgies, the low gluten hosts can be found in the small refrigerator in the main sacristy, located just off of the Narthex (by the portrait of Pope Francis).


FrmPstr_FlagLet’s extend a shout of gratitude to our wonderful Knights of Columbus council which approved – just this past week – a request that I made when I first arrived here at SPX: they are purchasing an additional outdoor flagpole so that we can fly the American flag and the Vatican flag on separate, but equally sized poles.
Currently, the Vatican flag is being flown below the American flag on a single pole. That is not correct. Both flags are the emblems of separate sovereign nations. Neither should fly below the other. I think that the mistake, which is common in a number of parishes, arises because we sometimes think that the Vatican flag is “just the flag of the Church.” It is, but it is also much more. The Vatican flag represents the Vatican City State as well, and thus ALSO represents to the world that we are Subjects of our Holy Father in the Church erected by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, over which the pope reigns as His chosen Vicar on Earth. We are citizens of the USA, and we are Subjects of Christ’s church. Both flags, flown separately but equally, remind of us of these two great privileges that shape our lives. God bless the Knights in helping us to more clearly recognize and proclaim to the world who we are!


Don’t let the mandatory parent/child orientation meetings for the various levels of the Parish School of Religion sneak up on you. Call the RE office at 770-929-1017 to register your child for PSR/CCD, which starts up very soon. BTW: our Children’s Liturgy of the Word begins again on Sunday, 9/13/15, with the customary kid’s dismissal hymn, which I have restored to use as it was a couple of years ago. Check with the RE Department about that, and remember that we are still looking for a musician (piano or guitar) to lead the kids in song while they are in the Day Chapel during those 20 or so minutes during the 11:00 am Mass. We will also dismiss the kids at the 1:30 pm Mass; check with Jessica Garcia in our Hispanic Ministries Office (770-483-3660 x 116) for further details regarding the Spanish language Mass.


FrmPstr_SeamStressLastly, are there any seamstresses in the Congregation who would like to offer Stewardship volunteer time to help keep the vestments in good shape?

(And to help Fr. Salomon and I keep the hems in our trousers from falling apart!).

Your brother on the journey,
Fr. Greg

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