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How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place

After many weeks of work, prayers, and Sunday Mass in the day chapel, the sanctuary renewal is finally complete! As the final elements came together last week, I found our new place for Jesus to be quite lovely. I could only think of the 84th psalm, which begins: "How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord [...]

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2014-12-22 Sanctuary Complete

The sanctuary renewal has been completed. "Before" & "After"   Volunteers have finished setting up for Christmas. Oh what a beautiful sight!   Our first event was the Festival Of Carols on Friday, December 19th, followed by Mass over the weekend. How glorious that we will celebrate our Lord’s birthday in our Renewed [...]

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Sanctuary is taking shape!

If you have not seen the progress of the Sanctuary Renewal, you are in for a surprise!   The Sanctuary has been taken all the way to the dirt ground underneath, and is rising again! Thanks to a little invasion  from "wood-hungry" pests, the platform had to be rebuilt. It came as quite a surprise to find we [...]

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Ready for weekend MASS!

What a busy week we have had! The Risen Lord statue has been raised in a new place of honor! What a reassuring sight: to see the expression of love, with arms reaching out, reminding us all that He is awaiting us inside, as all are welcome in His house! A reminder! Masses will be celebrated in the day chapel, overflow into the gathering [...]

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Sanctuary Construction Date

We had a meeting today with the Archdiocese and the contractors and it went very well.  We will be beginning construction on Monday, September 15, and it is expected to last no more than two months (though with construction, of course, anything can happen!)  During the time of construction the main church will be closed [...]

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