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When we are doing what God created us to do – fully using the strengths, talents and abilities he has given us, and when we are operating on the basis of the power of the Holy Spirit – we are at our very best!    -Towards a Theology of Strengths, Edward C. Anderson

Stewardship of time, talent and treasure is another way of praising and thanking God.  It is the meaningful involvement of our people in our church community.  Stewardship is the sharing of your time, talent & treasure in response to the Gospel’s call to serve.

Stewardship is your personal commitment of time and talent (volunteering) with the many groups within our parish working to serve, improve, administrate, and enrich our Catholic Community.

The treasure component of stewardship is giving back to God the first fruits of our endeavors. Through this, our parish grows and the many ministries are able to continue to meet the needs of the community.

Browse through the ministry menu above, to get more information about different groups. In the meantime, see what is happening for current activities, while getting to know your fellow parishioners, you can look through the online bulletin, found on this site. There are many opportunities that would welcome your involvement!