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Did You Know?

We Need YOU

We have over 50 individual ministries that are run by


 our parish family of volunteers.

You started them, dedicated your time to build them up, you’ve recruited, you SERVED.

NOW I’m asking for a little more –


We need you to help us tell others about YOUR GROUP.
I know, we’re not to supposed to look for the glory, or to say “HEY, LOOK AT ME!!”  This isn’t intended to reap a reward. This is intended to inspire us all!

Only….You ARE doing SO much for others, we have GOT to tell everyone! Maybe, others will want to join! Or maybe others will join in prayer for the success of your ministry, if they cannot be actively involved. Maybe, just maybe, your ministry will inspire others to get involved.

Or maybe, just maybe, seeing your ministry in action may offer a ray of hope for someone who may just be looking for a little good.

 In today’s age of smart phones, taking a snapshot has become as second nature as smiling. When your group gathers, when you are engaged in an activity, I’m sure someone has taken a selfie! Share with us, so we can share with all! We aren’t looking for a full news paper article, or an essay.  A simple “our prayer group met over the weekend, and we prayed for all the military listed in the bulletin, each one by name!”  (Now wouldn’t THAT make a mom feel good knowing a whole prayer group prayed for their child possibly serving over-seas.)

Or even a candid, out of focus snapshot of a stranger that hugged your fellow group member in appreciation, the smart phones sometimes isn’t always ready to take that perfect shot. Or how about a group photo of all of you together, in a planning meeting. Or maybe a evening together celebrating success.

We cannot make every meeting, every event, or know everyone who is involved (as so many of us are involved in multiple ministries), or what was to be accomplished, and we want everyone to realize just how vibrant and active we at St. Pius X ARE!  Take a look through the many ministries available in the top menu!

PLEASE!! Join our team!! Send notices of upcoming events, or photos & a short note telling us about the event, so we can all see and recognize how we really are working together as a family, to serve our God!

Send photos, news, notes, memos to: media@spxconyers.com
God Bless!


note, photos used from front web page were a collection found in google search, leading to photobucket and top-line-staffing blog.
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