Our First Pius Night!

//Our First Pius Night!

Our First Pius Night!

On Saturday, August 25, we had our first ( of hopefully many!) Pius Nights.  It was an evening designed to provide enjoyable food and entertainment while at the same time teaching a little bit about our faith, and by many accounts did just that.  The food was awesome thanks to Iris and her team.  The lasagna was truly delicious!  The entertainment was wonderful too, led by Maria Johnson and Linda Manning.  They wrote and performed in two very funny skits which taught us a bit about the teaching of our beloved patron, having us all laughing and learning at the same time.  Our new music director and his Scola performed two pieces illustrating St. Pius X’s love of Gregorian chant and polyphony, and we were all ready to go out and buy their cd’s!  Finally there was a bit of a “ventriloquist” act expressing gratitude to Pope St. Pius X for giving the eucharist to our little ones.  All in all everyone seemed to have a great time socializing and learning about our awesome patron saint!

Who knows, maybe we have a budding drama ministry in the works here in our parish?!! What do you think?

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