Dear and Beloved Parishioners,

Last weekend I published a letter in my usual column space and an additional insert detailing our parish renovation efforts and (insert) the upcoming changes (taking effect on the first full weekend of August, 2016) to our weekend Mass schedule and Parish School of Religion (Faith Formation) schedule.  Please refer to our website if you missed those very important letters.  Copies are also available to you in the information racks in the Narthex.

This week I want to update you regarding our current financial conditions.


As of 4/24/16 (our latest figures), we have          Compared to TOTAL contributions in the (roughly) First Quarter of 2016:                                           in the Calendar Year 2015:

Committed Pledges:              $672,643                    $431,646

Pledges paid-to-date:            $161,217                    $382,456 (total paid by 12/31/15)

Balance due on pledges:      $511,416                    $ 49,189 (as of 12/31/15)

Number of pledges:                         404                             234

These campaigns follow the regular Gregorian calendar (January 1st – December 31st), as opposed to the parish fiscal calendar (7/1/16 – 6/30/17). The figures above, while admittedly not apple-to-apple comparisons (1 quarter of 2016 vs. the total 2015 numbers) show us WAY ahead in our Stewardship of Treasure campaign from the previous year.

I am so proud of you for what has been pledged by our outstanding 404 families. However, please note well that our actual Parish Budget is $1,000,000. Thus, committed pledges made to-date bring us roughly to 67% roughly toward that goal.  We base the $1M budget on receiving an average weekly offertory collection of $19,250.  I’d really like to see us top $20,000 per week, which would insure really sound financial footing for our parish.

I will be contacting each family that has not yet pledged in the next few weeks to try to secure sufficient pledges of Treasure to insure that our necessary budget planning is fully accurate because many more of our Parishioners will have by then committed to this essential matter. I do recognize that many of you are giving to the offertory with no formal commitment to a Treasure pledge.  I am encouraging you to make that pledge with a commitment card (which can be found in the Narthex).  The reason we ask is to assist us with managing our budgets.  It is very difficult to manage our expenses when we don’t really know how much offertory will be coming in each week.

The Stewardship of Treasure commitment is a moral and religious obligation incumbent upon every individual and family in the Parish (including Teens and even elementary school students – who can use the provided kid’s envelopes available in the Narthex). Even limited-income Parishioners are expected to make realistic pledges to the financial well-being of the Parish.  My challenge to all of you is that every person or family in the Parish will respond to this clear, reasonable, fair and sacrificial commitment to St. Pius X Catholic Church.  Every person, every family, ought and must respond to the Precepts of the Church to offer and pay for the upkeep and expansion of the Parish.  There are no exceptions to this Precept.  I cannot possibly overstate the importance of this crucial matter.  Be prayerful.  Become committed.  Follow through on your sacrificial commitment.  God will bless you!


2016 numbers (as of May 2, 2016):                                               Comparative numbers for the

TOTAL 2015 AAA Campaign:

Goal set by the Archbishop:             $  84,000                    $ 86,700

Amounts Pledged:                             $113,876                    $ 99,081

Percentage pledged-over-goal           135%                           114%  

Amount of Potential Refund:            $29,876                    ($3,500)

Amount paid-to-date:                       $46,576                    $ 83,200 (as of 12/31/15)

Percentage paid-to-date:                   55.45%                        96% at end of Campaign

Donors:                                             442                             430

This campaign follows the regular Gregorian calendar (January 1st – December 31st), as opposed to the parish fiscal calendar (7/1/16 – 6/30/17).

We are doing extremely well in this year’s AAA campaign – far better than in the last several years! Congratulations to all of you who have made pledges!!  I exhort those households who have not yet pledged to do so ASAP.  Both Archbishop Gregory and I will be corresponding with you in coming days to seek your participation in the 2017 AAA.

Please keep in mind that all monies paid beyond our Goal (“potential refund,” as above) will be returned to SPX totally free of any archdiocesan Cathedra assessments.  100% of overage refunded to us can buy a lot of things to the advantage of the Parish, particularly in regard to our need to keep up the aging parish complex.

I look forward to all of you making and fulfilling your pledges to the 2016 AAA. Together, we are Team SPX, the premier Catholic parish in all of Rockdale County!


Your Brother on the Journey,

Father Greg