We Have a Plan!

To reach any goal, you must have a plan.  At Saint Pius X, we are actively engaged in implementing the Pastoral Plan developed by the Archdiocese of Atlanta to strengthen our parishes.  The Pastoral Council formed a subcommittee to guide the plan’s implementation here at St. Pius.  Led by Gwen Cutter, the committee has gathered input, by way of a survey, from all our ministry leaders.  We have assessed how we are doing in relation to the plan goals and how our ministries support each goal.  Going forward we’ll be working together to improve how well we:

  • Know Our Faith
  • Live our Faith
  • Keep and Spread our Faith
  • Evolve our Parish


To find out more about the Pastoral Plan, contact Gwen Cutter at mailto:gwenc99_99@yahoo.com or visit the Pastoral Plan website at https://archatl.com/pastoral-plan.  The plan is available online in Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French and Vietnamese.