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We are very excited to announce our Renew All Things in Christ parish renewal project.  This project has three main components:  renewing the church sanctuary by moving the tabernacle to its center and placing a crucifix above it, moving the risen Lord statue to the entrance vestibule, and finally, renewing the Administration Hall to be more accommodating to visitors and more conducive to church business.

These changes, while affecting the physical plant, are also designed to promote a spiritual renewal in the parish.  We are affected profoundly by our environment, and these changes can help us grow spiritually as we pray and celebrate the holy liturgy.  By placing the tabernacle in the center of the sanctuary (the holy place where God dwells,) we are placing Christ Himself in the Eucharist in the center of our worship space.  This reminds us that He is the center of our church, of the world, and of our lives.  Keeping this focus will affect how we pray, work and live.

ratic1By placing the crucifix in a most visible place above the tabernacle, we are reminded of the great love Jesus has for each one of us by giving His life to save us.  He shows us that we can bring all our suffering and trials to Him on the cross, and find strength, transformation, and renewal.  He takes all our suffering upon Himself and turns it into RESURRECTION!  This is the great event of Mass, where we bring all our trials, hardships, and efforts at living the Christian life, place them on the altar, and they become part of our Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection.  Then, when we receive Him in the Eucharist at communion time, we are receiving the Resurrected Lord who has conquered all suffering and death, including the very trials and sufferings we ourselves placed on the altar. What a triumph! There is an answer for all our sufferings, and the answer is Christ Himself!

Finally, the administration hall renewal allows us to have a place to hospitably welcome those who come to the church seeking guidance and a fuller participation in parish life.  Creating an environment that is hospitable and professional is important in our outreach to one another.

Your support of this exciting project helps the parish to continue the work of our Patron, St. Pius X, in restoring all things in Christ!


Progress toward our goals:

$150,000/$150,000 for Sanctuary 100%
$50,000/$220,000 for Admin Hall 23%


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