St. Pius X has educational opportunities for adults, and is committed to helping everyone learn their faith to the fullest.

Here is our current lineup of Adult education classes:

Spirituality of the Prophets | Starting with the Prophet Hosea




9:00am— 10:00am

Contact: or call (762) 233-3513

Have the prophets been confusing and challenged your belief in a loving God when it seems like He is ready to punish left and right in their writings?

Come and join Seminarian Matthew in a spirituality group/class on the prophets. The goal is to pray together the prophetic texts, learn how to see that the God of the Old Testament is the same Father Jesus taught us about, the God of Love, even in the midst of failure, evil and sin.

If you are interested please email or call Seminarian Matthew so he can know how much space is needed.

The Group/Class, will have two sessions and is starting its journey this Lent with the Prophet Hosea. How is it that God still loves us even when we break His heart?