Here at Saint Pius X Catholic Church, we believe that parents are the first and BEST catechists for their children. Many of our families choose to home school their children in lieu of sending them to public or private schools for their educational needs. While we wholeheartedly believe that it benefits your children and our parish for them to be enrolled in our Faith Formation Program, we honor your desire to home school your children in matters of the faith.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta mandates that the Sacraments be administered in a parish setting. If you choose to home school your child for faith formation, we do have the following requirements: 1) Your family must be registered and active members in our parish; 2) Contact our Director of Religious Education ( prior to the beginning of the Faith Formation year so that you may be made aware of our up-coming retreat dates and fees; 3) The child must attend the SPX retreat scheduled for the particular Sacrament being sought; 4) One month prior to receiving the Sacrament, you must provide the DRE with a letter from the priest who is accompanying you and your child through the catechesis process that attests to the readiness of the child to receive the Sacrament.