Cancer Pad Sewing Ministry

This ministry prepares disposable bed pads/washcloths from gently used bed sheets for “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” cancer home. Come share your time, talent and fellowship the 2nd Tuesday of the month followed by lunch.

Rita Palmer: (770) 483-8239

Columbian Squires

A youth organization sponsored by the Knights of Columbus for Catholic young men ages 10 – 17. Through community service and other activities the members experience spiritual development and fellowship. Meetings are held once a month.

Knights of Columbus

A service and leadership organization for Catholic men dedicated to serving our parish, supporting charitable causes, and encouraging the spirituality of its members. The St. Pius Council sponsors the St. Pius Memorial Garden for the Unborn. Prospective members must first meet with the K of C Admission Committee. Click here to find them on Facebook.

Grand Knight, Jake French (470)359-8125

Knights of Columbus Women’s Auxiliary

The Ladies’ Auxiliary has a twofold purpose: growth and Christian fellowship among members and the support of the St. Pius Council. A Catholic wife, mother, widow, sister or daughter of a Knight of Columbus is eligible to join.

President, Jenna French

Parish Council of Catholic Women (PCCW)

The purpose of the PCCW is to support, empower and educate all Catholic Women in spirituality, leadership and service, responding with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and Society. We provide activities for women, support for the pastor, parish activities and assistance to local charities. All women of the parish, including non-Catholic wives of parishioners, are eligible for membership.

Dotty Schath (770) 388-9699,  Karen Williams  (770) 369 0313

Prayer Chain

Members of the Prayer Chain are committed to pray every day for the needs of our parish members and their families. The Prayer Chain receives requests for prayer from parish members and these are sent through the phone or email prayer chain. These requests may be for healing in body, mind or spirit. Many requests are for upcoming surgical or diagnostic procedures. Some requests are for emergency health needs or family crises.


Ultreya is the monthly gathering of Cursillistas, those who have attended a Cursillo, and others who are seeking to make Jesus a part of their everyday life. It is a place to reconnect with others in support and sharing experiences of prayer, study or action.

The St. Pius X Ultreya meets the 2nd Saturday of each month following the 5 PM Mass.

Jennifer Rhoads: (404) 641-4197